We treat all of our relationships as partnerships and have three distinct groups.

Vendor Partners

These are the guys that create the fantastic, innovative products that rock our customer’s world. Far from hands off, they support us and our delivery partners every step of the way

Delivery Partners

The front line organisations that we recruit, support and enable and go-to-market with to deliver successful engagements with all of our products and services.


The reason we exist and bounce out of bed in the morning. All of our products are hand selected, paired with the right partner and delivered to make sure every day is a good customer day.



Product Catalogue

Quality over quantity – Each product we bring to market goes through a process of quality assessment to ensure partners and customers have a successful experience, first time

Packaged Services

Repeatability is reliability – each solution has packaged consulting, delivery and implementation services so our expert partners can deliver success quickly and easily.

Structured Onboarding

Knowledge is power – every partner goes through structured onboarding for products they resell, ensuring they have the right tools and knowledge to be as successful as possible.

Solution Support

Sell what you know – we don’t expect a partner to be expert from day one, that’s why we provide technical and sales support from our dedicated teams of solutions pros to get partners up and running fast.

Delivery Excellence

A helping hand – we offer a full design and delivery service for every solution we carry, giving partners the flexibility of delivering customer success independently, or as part of a blended team.

Campaign Services

It’s who you know – no one knows the solution benefits better than we do. That’s why we continually campaign and market on our partner’s behalf to help start the right conversations with customers.

Partner Marketing

‘To partner’, ‘through partner’ and pre-packaged campaigns-in-a-box give our partners the tools to easily adopt lead generation proceses into their existing marketing activities.

Partner Portal

Audience-specific views allow us to share leads and opportunities with partners easilty. Tracking campaign progress and pipeline gives everyone visibility on where to focus.

Product Launch

From market research, campaign planning the press releases to event sponsorship and representation – Britecloud will create the right market launch programme for your product to start the demand generation process.

Demand & Lead Generation

With tactics such as industry focused webinars and hosted Microsoft events, our demand generation programmes offer touch points throughout the building and nurturing of relationships with prospects.

Campaign Management

Our view across vendors and products in the catalogue gives us a unique perspective on product synergies, cross-vendor industry appeal and platform trends, helping us drive innovative marketing campaigns.

Channel Recruit

Aligning products and services with the right delivery partners gives us the scale to deliver on our commitments to vendor partners. Ongoing channel management and development allows us to scale quickly and predictably.

Partner Incubation

Taking new product lines to market takes time. Britecloud supports partners though a value proposition, positioning, technical and delivery-focused incubation period to maximise partner and customer success.

White-Labelled’ Services

Compliment not compete. We offer a range of services for partners to draw on, helping expand the number of solutions that can take to market whilst assuring delivery success to customers during incubation periods.

Partner Marketing

‘To partner’, ‘through partner’ and pre-packaged campaigns-in-a-box continue to drive lead generation activities, giving partners and easy way to represent our vendors in their own marketing campaigns. All supported by microsites and marketing insight data.

Vendor / Partner Portal

Transparency in the supply chain gives clarity on the impact each marketing $ is having on pipeline. Audience-specific portals show campaign progress, leads generated, pipeline and sales cycle stages so all parties know where to focus their attention.

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