Britecloud and Nintex at GDPR:Summit London – 9 October 2017

GDPRSummit London Conference - Britecloud presents GDPR Case Management and Compliance Solution

GDPR:Summit Series Latest Event to be held in London 9th October 2017

LONDON, UK, September 8th, 2017 – Britecloud today announced their sponsorship of GDPR:Summit Series’ latest event, GDPR:Summit London. Held 9th October 2017 in the heart of Bishopsgate, London, Britecloud will present their GDPR Case Management and Compliance Solution in partnership with Nintex

Join Nintex and Britecloud at this event dedicated to the challenges and complexities of the upcoming EU GDPR changes (GDPR Regulations). Get insights from industry experts currently guiding organisations such as Natwest Bank, John Lewis Partnership, eBay and Microsoft through their GDPR journeys.

This one day event, held at a world-class venue just minutes from London’s Liverpool Street station, will host 500 of the most influential and focused delegates in their fields of Data Privacy, Data Protection, Legal and Regulator Compliance and C-Suite Management.

Learning tracks will cover the main topics and challenges that GDPR poses organisations – including ‘GDPR Roadmap‘, ‘HR GDPR Briefing‘ and ‘Consent & Age Related Digital Rights‘.

The event promises to be an invaluable starting point for organisations not yet on their GDPR journey, and will serve as a valuable source of information, hints and tips for those organisations currently on the road to GDPR compliance.

Meet the Britecloud GDPR Case Management and Compliance Solution

You will have the opportunity to meet representatives from Nintex, Britecloud and Concept Searching to discuss how the right tooling can support your organisation with their GDPR journey. And get the chance to see the Britecloud GDPR Case Management and Compliance Solution in person – details here.

Designed to support organisations with Subject Access Requests (“I want to see all data you hold on me” – must be delivered in under 30 days) and all aspects of data handling policy enforcement, the Britecloud GDPR Case Management and Compliance Solution takes best-in-breed solutions from providers such as Nintex, Concept Searching, Microsoft and creates a robust response to the difficulties of handling personally identifiable information (PII) of citizens within the EU boundaries in a GDPR compliant way.

Getting and staying compliant demands organisations demonstrate their willingness to adhere to the new regulations. And that means they must be able to show how data handling and subject access request processes are implemented in a timely, repeatable, and auditable way.

Configurable to your specific needs, technical landscape and organisational data handling processes and policies, the Britecloud solution can be up and running in weeks – giving you a one-stop-solution for demonstrating repeatable processes and compliant handling of the PII information of EU citizens.

Want to attend GDPR:Summit London, connect with peers and talk to us directly? Register here using the code Britecloud10 for a 10% discount on ticket prices. Courtesy of Britecloud


Simon Wright
Chief Executive Officer, Britecloud

Simon is the Founder and CEO of Britecloud and has over 15 years of experience in technology, software vendor and consulting organisations. Driving Britecloud’s strategy of creating value for customers and partners through cross-platform and cross-vendor technology solutions, Simon can be seen at many key industry events worldwide.


Antony Ford
Director EMEA Marketing, Nintex

Antony Ford is the EMEA Marketing Director at Nintex. Having worked in some of the most high profile technology companies in the world – Microsoft, SAP, Oracle – Antony heads up the EMEA marketing team for Nintex, the world leading Process and Content Automation technology provider.

About Britecloud

Britecloud has a wealth of industry experience on Microsoft platforms, associated software solutions and delivering projects that bring order to structured and unstructured data. In this way Britecloud is uniquely positioned to support organisations already on the road to GDPR compliance and improved information security.

Britecloud solutions are built using technology from Microsoft, Salesforce and other independent software vendors such as Nintex or Concept Searching. Each addresses long standing business challenges, or find answers to new ones such as the upcoming EU GDPR legislation changes. Their network of implementation partners make sure you’re successful with the technology – first time.

As a Value Added Distributor, Britecloud supports their customers and partners with a 360 degree service offering to drive the benefits of digital transformation, process and content automation or technology modernisation projects.

Interested in speaking one-on-one with Britecloud, Nintex or Concept Searching? Why not visit the Nintex and Britecloud stand in the exhibition hall, 9th October 2017 – Stand 7.

About the Author

Simon Wright is the CEO of Britecloud (LinkedIn) a UK software distributor specialising in cloud-based security and productivity solutions that drive value and return-on-investment for organisations of all sizes.

Britecloud recommends process automation tools in ‘The Nintex Workflow Platform’ from Nintex to reduce the impact of changing business regulation and compliance on your organisation. To watch our recent webinar on getting compliant with the GDPR, go hereContact Us or call +44 (0) 203 876 5221 to discuss how quickly you could start adapting your business today.

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